Rapid Development

Custom CMOSS / SOSA System Builds

Spectranetix builds custom CMOSS and/or SOSA Systems per customer requirements for installation into their platforms and larger systems. We support Primes on their Program pursuits, proposals, and other efforts. We provide systems engineering, software integration, custom hardware, custom DSP, and custom GUI's on the operator workstations. We are a certified small business.

Custom Product and System Design

Spectranetix performs fast prototyping and proof-of-concept engineering on advanced Cyber-EW, Communications, SIGINT, and DF Systems. We perform the schematic design, parts sourcing, layout, board manufacturing, assembly, board bring-up, mechanical modeling, and ruggedized packaging on high speed digital, analog, or mixed signal products, with custom software.

Advanced Research and Development

Spectranetix offers Research & Development contracts for the design, prototyping, component evaluation, testing, and integration efforts on any high end wireless technology Program or Government R&D Project. We maintain a state-of-the-art RF design laboratory with capabilities up to 110 GHz. This includes antenna testing and verification facilities.

Antenna Design

Spectranetix provides custom antenna design, integration and testing for airborne. mobile, shipboard and fixed site platforms used for reception, transmission and DF in C4ISR/EW/Comms applications. Spectranetix specializes in CMOSS-compliant digital radio heads which are antenna arrays with the receivers built into the antenna assembly. The all digital outputs are transferred in MORA (VITA 49.2) format down to user workstations or CMOSS systems.

Design work may be subject to ITAR restrictions.

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