HyperScan® Spectrum Warfare Systems


HyperScans are ruggedized, multi-mission Cyber-EW/COMMS/SIGINT/DF systems all in one package. These systems are provisioned with selectable hardware card Modules depending on the particular customer Mission for:
  • Advanced Cyber-Electronic Attack
  • Surgical reactive jamming
  • Smart protective-area EW by jamming signals that only geographically originate from outside a base, or from selective sectors
  • Jamming based on air vs. ground targets
  • Automatic Beamforming of DF targets
  • Advanced Electronic Support
  • Extreme speed scanning of fast targets like military frequency hopper radio nets
  • Signals collection & threat warning
  • Wide area emitter mapping for Tactical Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Communications
  • Custom communications with pre-loaded waveforms
  • Custom white space communications systems
  • Advanced DF/Geolocation
  • 3-Dimensional DF (3-DF®)
  • High Speed Wideband-DF (millions of DF measurements per second)

3-Dimensional DF

Our innovative and unique 3-DF® technology provides the ability to DF on thousands of emitters simultaneously in both azimuth & elevation. This allows customers to discriminate between air and ground targets. That intelligence can then be used to automatically respond to identified threats with surgical jamming and/or exploitation for example. To further illustrate, enemy forces that are up on a mountainside or down in a valley can be pinpointed on a map GUI for targeting. Additionally, all aerial vehicles with an RF signature within a several mile wide spherical volume can be tracked and their signatures analyzed.

Counter-Frequency Hopper

Our Spectrum Warfare Systems are among the fastest in the Industry today. They are capable of detection, DF/geolocation, collection, jamming, and exploitation of multiple fast frequency hopper radio nets. Above is a custom GUI showing the prosecution of two frequency hoppers operating simultaneously in the same band, and our system is able to resolve their individual DF angles of arrival.

All Products are subject to ITAR restrictions.

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