MicroScan® Systems

MicroScan® Systems are miniaturized 70-6000 MHz, low SWAP SDR’s. They can be programmed for varieties of commercial wireless applications including custom transceivers, point-to-point communications, spectrum monitoring, etc. Military applications include dismounted and aerial Cyber-EW, COMMS, DF, Covert Collection, etc. Because of their small size they are ideal for manpacks, inside UAV pods, or embedded inside 3rd party communications systems. Please contact us for details.

HyperScan® Systems

HyperScan® Systems are modular, 20-6000 MHz, SDR systems capable of multiple types of EW missions from advanced Cyber-EW to DF to Electronic Support. These ruggedized, modular open systems architecture systems can do 3-Dimensional DF and are fast enough to geolocate military frequency hopper radio net nodes. They can be operated from a laptop, tactical wireless tablet, or tasked by a 3rd party system. Please contact us for details.

All Products are subject to ITAR restrictions.

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