VectorScanTM System

New Product Development (coming Q2 FY19):

The VectorScan 3-DF system is a complete high accuracy CMOSS 75-6000 MHz (20 MHz optional) digital radio head, with inbuilt DF receivers and processors right inside the antenna array assembly. The output is Azimuth and Elevation angles simultaneously for every frequency (6.25 KHz resolution) within the 160 MHz instantaneous band. The results are transferred on an optical or copper interface in VICTORY format down to a user’s computer. The raw I/Q data in MORA (VITA 49.2) format is available on a separate optical or copper link down to a CMOSS or SOSA system. VectorScan has the following features:

  • Allows for more focused EW operations, location of threats, and enhanced intelligence & situational awareness by virtue of filtering out unwanted signals by direction of arrival.
  • Provides real-time targeting vectors for ground and airborne emitters
  • Provides a vector for every detected bin over a wide bandwidth making it ideal for DF'ing frequency hopping targets
  • Provides a digital wideband DF technique that provides both azimuth & elevations on thousands of frequencies simultaneously
  • When integrated with EW systems, creates augmented jammer operations by distinguishing between Air (UAV) vs. Ground threats, isolating incoming airborne threats, and then reacting accordingly
  • Elevation angles from -10 to +90 degrees
  • With integrated mapping can pinpoint target emitters up on mountains
  • Optional 5 element array for 20 to 200 MHz with excellent sensitivity
  • Integrated CMOSS red, black separation
  • Contact factory for additional specifications

3-DF® Technology:

The innovative and unique 3-DF® technology provides the ability to DF on thousands of emitters simultaneously in both azimuth & elevation. This allows customers to discriminate between air and ground targets. That intelligence can then be used to automatically respond to identified threats with surgical jamming and/or exploitation for example. To further illustrate, enemy forces that are up on a mountainside or down in a valley can be pinpointed on a map GUI for targeting. Additionally, all aerial vehicles with an RF signature within a several mile-wide spherical volume can be tracked and their signatures analyzed.

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