MicroScan® Development Kit (Model DK-102)

Development Board

  • Used specifically to help developers design their own custom software to run MicroScan SDR Transceivers
  • The DK-102 includes a Development Board for user specific ARM and FPGA application firmware development and debugging
  • The Development Board comes populated with the Power Supply, Transceiver, and PA-Filter boards which are stack mounted on an Access Card
  • Simultaneous JTAG access to both the FPGA and the FX3 of the Transceiver Board
  • Allows use of tools like Xilinx ChipScope and ARM9 debugger
  • USB 2.0/3.0 interfaces

Software Library (SDK)

  • The DK-102 comes with a Software Libary which provides developers with everything required for rapid development and integration into existing systems
  • Simple and easy-to-use software library is a single API built for real-time performance in C, bindings for common higher level languages are available
  • SDK and USB drivers are available for Windows 7/8, 64 or 32 bit and for select Linux distributions, including Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04.
  • Several DSP-based improvements are provided, including an FPGA image with source code which contains:
    • Hardware FFT - Leverages Xilinx IP, 4096-pt FFT with Windowing, Block Averaging, and Log Conversion. Bin resolutions from 12.5 kHz to 12.2 Hz
    • Wideband and narrowband digital downconverter, up to 1024x decimation
    • Digital upconverter channel
    • Enhanced I/Q imbalance calibration
    • Enhanced DC bias compensation
    • FPGA-managed Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Command Line (CL) Utilities for quick access to hardware and real-time data

Example Software Applications / Tutorials

  • Several example applications give developers a headstart with using the API
  • Several utilities provide ability to stream IQ data to and from MicroScan
  • The primary example (microscan.exe) gives the user an example GUI and complete access to the API from the command line
  • Makefiles and bindings for compiling the software
  • TCL scripts for building the FPGA image from source
  • Support for GNU Radio and RedHawk, two common SDR frameworks

Technical Support

  • Purchase of a Development Kit includes one (1) free year of DK-102 Technical Support which covers:
    • Updates to the DK-102 documentation
    • New example GUI applications as they are released
    • New DSP-based improvements for the FPGA image as they are released
    • Telephone and e-mail technical support

Please contact factory for the latest Price List.

All Design Work is subject to ITAR restrictions.

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