MicroScan® Miniaturized SDR Transceivers


MicroScans are 70-6000 MHz, miniaturized, ruggedized, low SWaP SDR Transceivers. They can be programmed for customized COMMS, Cyber-EW, SIGINT, DF, Covert Collection, and varieties of Commercial Wireless applications where small size and application flexibility are important. Because of their small size they are ideal for manpacks, inside UAV pods, or even embedded inside 3rd party communications systems or antennas. Leave-behind versions optional (please ask the Factory for details). They are completely software-defined for a customer's wireless applications. The unit comes with in-built banks of RF Filters: 7 fixed + 2 tunable suboctave bandpass filters for RX, and 9 fixed suboctave lowpass filters for TX. The compact enclosure is fully ruggedized and operational from -40 °C to +75 °C. Spectranetix offers a Development Kit and Design Support Contracts so that Primes, Commercial Industry Partners, VARs, and Developers can test their custom code and get their Programs and Products off the ground very quickly.

  • Size: 2.2 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches; Weight: 0.2 lbs; Power: 4.5 W
  • Low SWaP SDR transceiver for Cyber-EW/SIGINT/COMMS/DF
  • Ideal for hand-held spectrum monitoring
  • Ideal for dismounted and UAV Cyber-EW delivery systems
  • Ideal for flexible Commercial Wireless systems for Industry
  • Ideal for disposable EW units and remote controlled sensors
  • 70-6000 MHz, 56 MHz IBW, programmable to RX or TX modern signals
  • Deployable in handheld products, manpacks, UAV’s, embedded sensors, etc.

Commercial & Military Applications


  • Frequency Range: 70-6000 MHz
  • Receive Channels: Dual channel phase coherent receive
  • Transmit Channel: Single independent all mode transmit
  • RF Filter Banks: 7 fixed + 2 tunable suboctave bandpass filters for RX; 9 fixed suboctave lowpass filters for TX
  • Instantaneous BW: Up to 56 MHz (both RX and TX)
  • TX Output Power: +20 dBm typical (below 4 GHz), +15 dBm typical (above 4 GHz), can drive external power amplifiers
  • Noise Figure: 12 dB typical
  • Inbuilt FFT: 4K, resolution settable from 12.5 kHz to 12.2 Hz
  • A/D and D/A Converters: 12 bit with flexible sampling rates
  • Embedded Processor: ARM9
  • DSP Processor: Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA
  • Control Interface: USB 2.0/3.0
  • Programming Environments: Android, Windows, Linux

Mission Application Examples

  • Commercial Wirelesss Applications
    • Custom transceivers
    • Point-to-point data communications nodes
    • Data sensors that can automate feedback or be pinged
    • Handheld spectrum monitoring sensors
  • Cyber-Electronic Warfare (Cyber-EW)
    • Small, lightweight jammers on Group 3+ UAV’s
    • Small, lightweight, Cyber-EW delivery platforms
    • Small, unattended, remotely-controlled jammers
    • Small, tactical, cooperative jammers
    • Other Custom
  • Surveillance, Signal Monitoring (SIGINT)
    • Small, frequency hopper detection systems
    • Small, multi-channel, wideband receiving systems
    • Small, dynamically programmed, special demod receivers
    • Small, streaming I/Q collection nodes
    • Other Custom
  • Communications (COMMS)
    • Small, covert waveform communications systems
    • Small, low power communications relays
    • Small, multi-point, ad-hoc communication nets
    • Small, software defined, arbitrary waveform generators
    • Other Custom
  • Direction Finding / Geolocation (DF)
    • Small, tactical cell band DF systems
    • Small, tactical military band DF systems
    • Small, TDOA/FDOA nodes in geolocation net
    • Small, portable interferometric DF systems
    • Other Custom

Development Kit & Design Support

Spectranetix offers a Development Kit and Design Support Contracts so that Primes, VARs, and Developers can test their code and get their Programs and Products off the ground quickly.

  • Development Kit: Includes a development board, software library, and code examples
  • Helps Commercial Industry and Primes to build their own products out of these SDR transceivers
  • FPGA DSP Modules: Includes in-built FPGA DSP modules to greatly accelerate system development for customers
  • Software Libraries (SDK): Code and documentation allowing Primes to load custom waveforms and applications
  • Design Support Contracts: Design contracts negotiable to support Primes with their Programs or product development

Custom-Built Solutions

Spectranetix can deliver custom solutions to Spec including:

  • Custom Packaging: Inside 3rd-party units, new boxes, etc.
  • Custom Software: Software Apps, DSP Firmware, GUIs, etc.
  • Custom Accessories: Antennas, Filters, Power Amplifiers, etc.
  • Custom Systems Integration: To 3rd-party C4I / EW Systems

Please contact factory for the latest Price List.

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