CMOSS / SOSA Payload Cards

Receiver & Transceiver Applications

SX-430 EW SDR Transceiver Card

The SX-430 EW SDR Transceiver is a 3U OpenVPX CMOSS/SOSA high performance, dual-channel RX, dual-channel TX, software defined transceiver that operates over the 1-18000 MHz frequency range. Selectable instantaneous bandwidths from 40-160 MHz, industry leading tuning speeds, and Red/Black separation make this SDR an ideal fit for most EW/SIGINT/COMMS applications. The EW Card is a full subsystem in itself in that it has significant onboard FPGA resources for hosting 3rd party algorithms, such as up to 128 Inbuilt programmable DDC’s and an FFT core with 6.25 KHz resolution on each channel. The EW Card also has up to 12 GB of total onboard DDR4 memory.

Computing & Processing Applications

SX-310 DSP Card

Ruggedized 3U OpenVPX CMOSS/SOSA DSP card powerful enough to run many varieties of SIGINT / EW / COMMS applications, and host Government or 3rd party algorithms and cyber payloads. Can simultaneously serve as the system controller SBC and a DSP engine. Inbuilt Red-Black separation for Unencrypted / Encrypted applications and interfaces. Can operate in any CMOSS or SOSA standard Payload Slot, which removes the need for dedicated CPU slots in the chassis. This creates more room in the CMOSS/SOSA system for additional payload cards.

SX-510 Encrypted Storage Card

Ruggedized 3U OpenVPX CMOSS/SOSA Storage Card with up to 6TB of flash memory and onboard AES 128/256 encryption, high speed interfaces and configurable Red or Black connections. Provides processor side disk space or high speed streaming applications storage for most Cyber/EW/SIGINT/Comms applications for use on Air, Land and Sea platforms.

Networking Applications

SX-610 Mobile Ad-hoc Network Radio Card (MANET)

Coming Soon - Ruggedized 3U OpenVPX CMOSS/SOSA, ad-hoc mesh networking radio card that runs TSM waveforms. This will allow for battlefield networking with other mounted and dismounted units running the same waveforms.

Units may be subject to ITAR restrictions, please contact the Factory for details.

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