SX-990-x RF Tray (Airborne applications)

The SX-990-x RF Tray Units are CMOSS/SOSA, modular RF Trays for a larger airborne EW system. Each RF Tray contains the proper Power Amplifier, Filters, and associated bit, Command & Control circuitry. The RF Trays are custom built by frequency band and by power level. They are controlled and interfaced by the CMOSS/SOSA chassis through a Gateway unit. This is a very modular approach to building up an EW system through banded modules.


  • Power Amplifier modules by frequency band
  • Modular approach allows any CMOSS/SOSA chassis to attach to these modules via a Gateway module and thus "build up" a scalable EW system
  • Ideal for airborne systems where SWAP is critical
  • Controlled through daisy chained dual 1553B interfaces from Gateway
  • Customized interfaces to the frequency banded antenna ports
  • Inbuilt bit test generator and forward / reflected power measurement capabilities
  • Optional integrated sub-octave filters
  • Ready to install on cooling ducts

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