CMOSS / SOSA System Accessories

SX-950 RF Tray "Gateway" Controller (Airborne applications)

The SX-950 RF Tray Controller “Gateway” Unit is a CMOSS/SOSA MORA device that interfaces any CMOSS/SOSA Card Chassis to modular RF Trays for a larger airborne EW system. This is especially valuable for airborne EW systems where the RF Trays are separated by frequency bands. The Gateway provides all the command & control necessary between the chassis and the rest of the EW system modules.

SX-990-x RF Tray (Airborne applications)

The SX-990-x RF Tray Units are CMOSS/SOSA, modular RF Trays for a larger airborne EW system. Each RF Tray contains the proper Power Amplifier, Filters, and associated bit, Command & Control circuitry. The RF Trays are custom built by frequency band and by power level. They are controlled and interfaced by the CMOSS/SOSA chassis through a Gateway unit. This is a very modular approach to building up an EW system through banded modules.

SX-960-x RF Chassis (Ground applications)

Coming Soon: This ruggedized and completely sealed RF chassis houses receive and high-power transmit RF components for multiple RF bands. These components interface the RF I/O from the CMOSS / SOSA ComScan chassis to multiple external antennas. MORA messages are sent over the ML2B bus from the ComScan to a Gateway controller in the RF chassis which then parses these messages and controls the RF gain, frequency and filter band selections. This RF chassis has been designed to be both flexible and modular, allowing it to support varied customer specified RF frequency and power requirements.

Units may be subject to ITAR restrictions, please contact the Factory for details.

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