ComScan® (CMOSS / SOSA Systems)


Complete CMOSS/SOSA-compliant architecture for building up any C4ISR / EW / SIGINT system on airborne and ground platforms. Full libraries of CMOSS-compliant VICTORY/MORA and SDK/EDK code for systems integration and 3rd party apps. The present model can contain up to six (6) dual-channel, extreme high speed EW-SDR transceiver cards that serve C4ISR, COMMS waveforms, EW techniques, and Offensive Cyber applications. ComScan functions as the Core subsystem chassis in any C4ISR / EW / COMMS platform



  • COMMS (integrated gateway capability, which can unify all the COMMS programs between the Services, simultaneous interoperable COMMS-EW capability)
  • EW (large jammer and cyber-EW programs)
  • SIGINT (integrated SIGINT which can be used to significantly augment EW operations and COMMS at the same time )
  • DF (coherent channels for beam forming capabilities)
  • Multi-Mission (in addition to singular missions can perform any combination of Missions above)


  • Fully integrated multi-mission capability, can do to COMMS, EW, and SIGINT covering from 1-18,000 MHz RF tuning range all in one single system
  • Software Defined, can host varieties of communications waveforms
  • Fastest Scanning System in the Industry today, every EW Card channel can scan 1000 GHz (1 THz) of spectrum at 6.25 kHz FFT bin’s resolution per second, this allows the system to detect agile targets in multiple bands
  • High Speed Analytics / Machine Learning, modular high speed processing FPGAs/GPUs are integrated in with the RF assets, so layers of AI/ML apps can be implemented
  • COMMS Gateway, with inbuilt waveforms and processors, the system can be an efficient battlefield comms gateway, that also has cognitive abilities to look for white space
  • Counters military-grade frequency hoppers, because of it’s fast speed and large IBW per card
  • Hosting of cyber offensive, and network-based threat exploitation payloads, it is specifically designed to host and deliver custom algorithms on Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA’s
  • Designed for integration onto multiple platforms, can be integrated into Land, Airborne, and Sea platforms with different “lego” blocks for the COMMS / EW system
  • Software / Embedded Development Kits, are provided which allows customers to easily load 3rdparty applications (waveforms, REDHAWK apps, PACE engines, protocols, etc.)

ComScan CMOSS/SOSA 3U OpenVPX Backplane

  • 11 Slot OpenVPX VITA 65 Backplane, with Red/Black separation
  • 6 payload slots, 2 on CS switch, 4 on non-CSS switch. No RF switch or SBC slots required
  • Timing busses to facilitate time and phase sensitive multi-channel applications like beamforming or DF

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