About Us

Who Are We

Spectranetix designs and builds state-of-the-art Cyber-Electronic Warfare (Cyber-EW), Communications (COMMS), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Direction Finding (DF), and Commercial Wireless Systems. The founders of Spectranetix are the same original founding team of NetworkFab Corporation, which was a successful EW/COMMS/SIGINT/DF company acquired in 2007. Spectranetix specializes in highly advanced wireless technologies for the Primes, Government Groups, and Commercial Industry.

What Do We Do

Our seasoned team of professionals are known experts in wireless, DF, and jammer technology design. We are experienced at developing everything from A to Z, from the wideband DF antennas, receiver systems, and DSP, all the way down to the operator workstations and user software interfaces. Additionally, we have great expertise in networking and integrating our subsystems into a Prime’s larger systems. The team has invented many state-of-the-art Cyber-EW/COMMS/SIGINT/DF techniques and commercial wireless technologies which can be used to help clients win Programs or create new Products.

For Primes / Commercial Industry

  • Teaming with Primes to Help Win Programs
  • Providing Commercial Wireless Solutions
  • Domain Expertise in EW/SIGINT/DF/COMMS
  • Fast Demo Prototyping
  • System Engineering and Integration
  • Custom Hardware, Software and FPGA Firmware
  • Proposal Support / Product Design Support
  • Training Support

For Government

  • Custom Systems Built to Specification
  • Fast Proof-of-Concept Prototyping
  • Highly Advanced R&D
  • System Engineering
  • Design of Disruptive Technologies
  • Custom Hardware, Software and FPGA Firmware
  • Antenna Research
  • Testing Support

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