Spectranetix, Inc.

Spectranetix designs and builds state-of-the-art Cyber-Electronic Warfare (Cyber-EW), Communications (COMMS), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Direction Finding (DF), and Commercial Wireless Systems for the Defense Primes, Military Groups, Government Agencies, and Commercial Industry.

Our products include highly advanced SDR Systems for 3-DF, Jamming, Communications, and SIGINT Collection. These ruggedized systems are all fully software-defined, allowing Primes and End-Customers to load their own cyber algorithms, DSP techniques, waveforms, demodulators, signal analysis tools, etc. Our unique 3-Dimensional DF (3-DF®) technology provides the ability to DF and track multiple emitter targets simultaneously in both azimuth & elevation. This allows customers to discriminate between air and ground targets. Our SDR Systems are also designed for frequency hopper exploitation.

For Primes: We help Primes win large Programs by providing Fast Demo Prototyping, Proposal Support, Domain Expertise in Cyber-EW/COMMS/SIGINT/DF, Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, Custom Hardware, Custom Software, and Custom FPGA Firmware.

For Military and Government Groups: We provide Advanced R&D, Custom Cyber-EW/COMMS/SIGINT/DF Systems Built to Spec, Fast Proof-of-Concept Prototyping, Antenna Research, and Disruptive Technology Development.

For Commercial Industry: We provide wireless systems, products, and modules so that companies can build up their own communications system applications. We also provide system engineering support.

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